Lost City Hiking – Tour of 5 Days 


Explore Colombia’s Hidden Gems 🌟 Join a unique 5-day journey through the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta! Experience a day and night in a Wiwa indigenous village, followed by an immersive trek to the Lost City led by Indigenous Guides. Discover stunning landscapes and cultural richness along the way.

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Lost City Hiking – Tour of 5 Days 

Are you planning a trip to the Lost City? We are a certified travel agency with 8 years of experience that can assist you with the best tours to the Lost City. Join us on an ancestral journey through the ruins of the Lost City of the Tayrona and discover why we are the best travel agency in Santa Marta.

This new 5-day hike to the Lost City is designed to allow hikers to interact for an additional day with a Wiwa Indigenous Community, appreciating their culture, beliefs, and indigenous traditions. During their stay in the village, the indigenous guide will lead them to an ancestral waterfall called Matuna, a fantastic waterfall where they can cool off and swim in this natural pool. You’ll have direct contact with the Wiwa indigenous people who maintain their culture and customs in harmony with the environment, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to make textiles and crafts using materials directly from nature.

Why take the Tour to the Lost City?

The 5-day Lost City tour is a great option if you want to take a leisurely journey, enjoying each of the landscapes and spending more time with indigenous communities at each of the camps. This 5-day adventure is for hikers and adventurers who love and enjoy outdoor walks and mountain crossings. Our guides are fully qualified to take you through natural trails, full of jungle and vegetation on the way to the Lost City, providing you with a clearer vision of the culture and history of this fascinating place.

The route comprises paths that cross the jungles of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. During this excursion, we will always be accompanied by an Indigenous Guide, who will provide us with the necessary security and confidence to enjoy this demanding yet relaxing trek.

Lost City tour 5 days

The 5-day hike to the Lost City is designed for all adventurers who enjoy long walks through mountain trails, unpaved roads, jungle treks, and river crossings that descend from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, until reaching the majestic Tayrona Lost City. Whether you’re an experienced adventurer or a beginner, you don’t need to worry; our tour to the Lost City is designed for all kinds of people, those who simply want to break their routine by risking themselves to live a completely different experience.

During the Tour to the Lost City tour Colombia, you’ll be able to traverse the jungles and mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta until reaching the ancestral city built and inhabited by the ancient Tayrona indigenous people. Guided by their descendants, the Wiwa Indigenous Guides, you’ll learn about the culture and ancestral richness of this magical place. Additionally, you’ll be able to spend more time with the Wiwa indigenous people in the Gotsezhy refuge.

If you’re one of the brave adventurers who will take the 5-day tour to the Lost City, you should consider the following information:

DEPARTURE POINT Main Office located in Santa Marta
DEPARTURE TIME Departure at approximately 9:00 AM.
RETURN TIME Approximately at 4:30 PM on the last day of the tour.
TRIP DURATION 5 Days / 4 Nights.
TOTAL COST 5-Day Tour to the Lost City for $550 USD per person.
  • Round-trip transportation in a Van or 4×4 Jeep
  • Indigenous Guide “Wiwa or Kogui”
  • Full meals
  • Fruits and Snacks during the journey
  • Accommodation in a bed or hammock “subject to camp availability”
  • Translator “If there are more than 3 foreigners in the group who do not speak Spanish”
  • Entrance to the Teyuna Archaeological Park
  • Medical Assistance Insurance
  • Support for indigenous and peasant communities
  • Accommodation and tour of the Gotsezhy refuge hike to the Lost City.
  • Excursion to the Lost City
  • Cook for the entire trek.
  •  If you wish to book the Tour to the Lost City from Santa Marta, a deposit of $55 USD, equivalent to 10% of the total tour value ( $550 USD), is required.
  • The Camps, accommodation sites, and meals are mainly owned by local indigenous and peasant communities. It’s essential to note their remote and difficult-to-access location, lacking the everyday comforts we’re accustomed to.
  • The distribution of accommodation in the cabins along the path to the Lost City is usually 70% hammocks and 30% beds. Therefore, the availability of lodging is closely linked to the season and the demand of visitors at each camp.
  • Remember that the journey to the Lost City of Colombia is an adventure that takes place through typical jungle paths of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This excursion involves risks and requires constant physical activity.

If you wish to obtain more information about the hike to the Lost City, visit the following link 👉🏾 How to get to the Lost City?

Itinerary of the 5-Day Hike to the Lost City Colombia

Day 1:

The excursion to the Lost City hike starts from Santa Marta in a van or 4×4 vehicle until reaching the area known as Guachaca. Here, the journey continues on an unpaved road until reaching El Encanto (Wiwa Indigenous Village).

Travelers disembark from the vehicle and prepare for a 15-minute trek to reach the Gotsezhy Refuge (Wiwa Indigenous Settlement), the first camp where they’ll spend the night.

Travelers will have the opportunity to visit an ancestral waterfall called Matuna under the tropical rainforest of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This waterfall forms a natural turquoise blue pool that contrasts with the evergreen vegetation of the mid-sized jungle. In this wonderful natural pool, adventurers can swim and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Matuna.

The indigenous guide, along with the Mamo, will give a talk, narrating the history and customs of the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, sustainable customs that characterize these indigenous communities.

An exhibition of their handicrafts, created with raw materials provided by Mother Nature, will be presented. At the end of the afternoon, adventurers have dinner and engage in a talk with the guide before resting in beds or comfortable hammocks with mosquito nets.

Note: On this cultural day, hikers will spend time interacting with a native indigenous culture of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, with no long hikes compared to the following four days, making it a highly spiritual and cultural day at the Gotsezhy Refuge.

Day 2:

Very early, hikers have breakfast and bid farewell to the Wiwa community. The vehicle then takes the group to El Mamey, the starting point of the approximately 5-hour trek to reach the second camp, “Cabaña Vista Hermosa.”

The trails on this route are very beautiful and full of vegetation. Along the way, there are some viewpoints where travelers can observe and take photographs of the grandeur of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Upon arrival at Cabaña Vista Hermosa, hikers will be at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. At this camp, travelers will have rest, accommodation, and meals.

The natural settings of this peasant region are breathtaking. They’ll have the afternoon free to have coffee, take photographs, or read a book.

Before going to sleep, hikers will have a talk with the indigenous guide, who will explain the itinerary for the following demanding day.

Day 3:

Travelers rise very early to organize their gear, have breakfast, and then continue the hike to the Lost City from Cabaña Vista Hermosa (830 meters above sea level) to reach the third camp, “Paso Lorenzo.”

The hiking route from Vista Hermosa camp to Paso Lorenzo is approximately 15 km long. The first segment is a trek of about 6 km until reaching the Wiwa cabin, a camp where they’ll rest and have lunch before continuing with the second segment of about 9 km until reaching Paso Lorenzo camp, where hikers will have rest, accommodation, and meals for the rest of the day.

This camp is the closest to the Teyuna Lost City, where they will be at the foothills of Teyuna, the sacred city of the ancient Tayrona. During the day’s hike, they’ll observe unique scenes and vast green mountains typical of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

In the evening, after dinner, the indigenous guide will hold a talk with the hikers, discussing the Lost City and its sacred significance for the native indigenous people.

Day 4:

On this day, hikers reach the Tayrona Lost City. Therefore, they have an early breakfast and depart from the camp along a green trail surrounded by vegetation, mostly along the Buritaca River.

Eventually, they must cross this river to begin climbing the 1200 ancient steps that lead to the ancient Lost City. Here, tourists witness a magical setting with fantastic architecture.

The distance from the camp to where the stone steps begin is approximately 1 km. The first impression of the place is marvelous; adventurers can take photographs of the unique natural scenes, terraces, walls, and a network of well-made stone paths—an ancestral place that was once an advanced indigenous civilization called the Tayrona.

The indigenous guide starts the tour in the Lost City with the adventurers, preceded by the spiritual protocol to ask permission from the ancient ones to step into these ruins, the “Teyuna Lost City.”

Tourists have ample time to explore the Lost City with the guidance and explanation of the indigenous guide, who will provide detailed information about the history of the ancient Tayrona, admire the natural and cultural settings, take photographs, observe the foundations of the terraces and stairs, and experience the presence of our roots—a past indigenous heritage so present and full of secrets.

Once the tour is completed, hikers return to Cabaña Paso Lorenzo. Here, they prepare all the adventure gear, have lunch, and begin the return journey to the “Cabaña Wiwa” camp, where they’ll have dinner and accommodation.

Note: On this day, they will personally experience the Teyuna Lost City, so don’t forget to bring your fully charged phone or camera to capture many photographs of these archaeological ruins of an ancient indigenous civilization that now belong to history.

Day 5:

The return journey continues, and very early, hikers start the descent path passing through Cabaña Vista Hermosa, where they take a short break to continue on a downhill and less demanding trail until reaching “El Mamey,” the place where the excursion to this beautiful destination began.

In this peasant village, they take a short rest, have lunch, and then depart by vehicle back to the city of Santa Marta, where they will arrive at approximately 4:00 pm. They will be the main actors in an enriching and new experience in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta—an excursion they will never forget.

Note: The itinerary of the Tour to the Lost City may vary depending on weather conditions or ground transportation.

Recommendations For The Hiking Santa Marta Colombia

As with all tours to the Lost City or Ciudad Perdida, it’s important to follow some recommendations:

Valid Documents

According to the regulations of Migration Colombia, foreign tourists visiting the Lost City must provide a copy of their passport, especially with the entry stamp into the country. For national tourists, only a copy of the identification document is required.

Comfortable Clothing and Shoes

You’re about to embark on a trek through the mountains of the Sierra Nevada towards the Lost City for 5 days. You’ll be walking several hours each day. Having the right clothing and footwear will provide the comfort you need to enjoy your journey.

Ensure Adequate Hydration

On the trail, take breaks to hydrate regularly. This will allow you to continue the hike under optimal conditions and make the most of your experience.

Essential Products and Accessories

Sunscreen and mosquito repellent are essential products for the trip. Given the lengthy journey, it’s advised to limit the number of items and products, carrying only the essentials necessary for your stay in nature.

Follow Your Guide’s Instructions

Avoid trying to lead the way as the area is mountainous, and it’s easy to get lost if you’re not keeping pace with the rest of the group. Additionally, certain areas of the mountains should not be traversed alone due to the presence of wild animals. Therefore, follow your guide and the rest of the group.

Respect Nature

Do not litter; this is a sacred place for indigenous communities and a natural reserve. Treat it with respect and care.

Respond to your questions about the Lost City Tour

The 5-day tour provides more time for exploration and an additional night immersed in nature and indigenous culture. It’s ideal for those seeking a deeper experience or simply wanting to savor more of the sights and sounds of this unique destination.

Reservations are made online. You can select your desired tour and book it instantly. You can pay 10% of the total value upon reservation and the remainder upon arrival in Santa Marta. We accept cash at our offices, deposits, transfers, debit or credit cards. We have various payment options available.

Dress appropriately for varying weather conditions; the climate can shift between hot and cold. Stay mindful of your surroundings and stick to marked trails, as there are cliffs and perilous descents. Bring only the essentials for the trip; following these tips will ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.

To access the Lost City, you must book a tour with a legally established travel agency experienced in tourism. It can only be reached by a multi-day trek through the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The route starts in Santa Marta and follows a marked path through the jungle.

Our camp’s cabins are simple yet comfortable. They offer sturdy beds with clean sheets and blankets for a good night’s rest. We also provide hammocks with mosquito nets for the more adventurous.

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