Our Ethos: Sustainable Ethnotourism


At our core, we embody Sustainable Ethnotourism, meticulously managing tourism operations in a manner that upholds reverence for our cultural heritage and the sanctity of nature.

Our guiding principle hinges on the ancestral wisdom harmonizing with Mother Earth—an invaluable asset. We earnestly urge travelers to become stewards of the environment, nurturing and preserving its intrinsic splendor.

Exploring the Path to the Lost City Santa Marta

Endorsed by traditional authorities, our adeptness lies in working seamlessly with indigenous guides, crafting cohesive teams that expertly handle logistics, offer seasoned advisory, and manage administrative aspects.

Tairona house

Journeying to the Lost City

Collaborating closely with over 50 indigenous families, our commitment extends beyond supporting the local economy. We curate immersive experiences that bestow upon travelers an intimate encounter with magic and ancient traditions.

Embracing the Tairona Heritage

Our initiatives encompass comprehensive waste management, the nurturing of a fresh cadre of indigenous guides, robust social and economic support systems, and a vigilant custodianship of trails and communal infrastructure.

Indigenous Travel Agency for the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Initiated in 2008 through collaboration with traditional authorities and esteemed foundations like WIWA and KEMAKUMAKE KUDZHESHI, our venture centers on regulating and orchestrating eco-tourism within indigenous territories.

Our Aspiration: Rekindling Tranquility and Autonomy

Driven by a profound desire to reclaim tranquility and sovereignty in our ancestral domains, we champion sustainable and community-centric tourism, preserving our timeless customs and heritage.

Advocacy and Recognition

Engagement in national and international events underscores our pursuit of recognition for a socio-economic model that buttresses indigenous communities.


Our purpose is to lead tourism to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta with indigenous guides, presenting travelers with unparalleled experiences while fostering the development of indigenous communities and safeguarding local cultural legacies.


We aspire to set the benchmark for regional tourism by emphasizing quality, socio-cultural integration, and environmental harmony—creating sustainable growth interwoven with the tapestry of indigenous communities.