Trekking to the Lost City Colombia – Tour of 6-Day


Embark on a 6-Day Lost City Tayrona Expedition 🌿 Immerse yourself in a captivating adventure led by indigenous guides! ✨ Engage with a native community and delve into an ancestral journey through lush jungle trails teeming with vibrant vegetation. This extraordinary experience promises six days of unparalleled exploration and cultural immersion in the heart of Colombia’s natural wonders.

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Trekking to the Lost City Colombia – Tour of 6-Day

The 6-day journey to Ciudad Perdida is a tourist package blending culture and adventure. It’s crafted for travelers to gain a comprehensive understanding of Wiwa culture and experience indigenous tourism within the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

You’ll spend 2 days residing in a Wiwa indigenous village named Gotsezhy, participating in various Ethnotourism activities, including:

Guided Trekking: The excursion commences from Guachaca, the starting point for the hike towards the Gotsezhy community.

Group Discussion with the Mamo: The Mamo, the spiritual leader or shaman of the village, is an authority responsible for managing their worldview and protecting their people.

Artisanal Exhibition: Witness the creation process of clothes, backpacks, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other items crafted by Wiwa women for commercial purposes.

Swim at Matuna Waterfall: This stunning cascade is among the finest in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, providing an ideal spot to refresh after treks. Additionally, there will be 4 days of adventure with Indigenous Guides through the jungles of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, culminating at Colombia’s Lost City. This trek is demanding and requires being in good physical condition.

If you’re one of the courageous adventurers embarking on the 6-day trekking Ciudad Perdida consider the following details:

DEPARTURE POINT Main Office located in Santa Marta
RETURN TIME Approximately 4:30 PM on the last day of the tour.
TRIP DURATION 6 Days / 5 Nights.
TOTAL COST 6-Day Tour to the Lost City for $630 USD per person.
  • Round-trip transportation in a Van or 4×4 Jeep
  • Indigenous Guide “Wiwa or Kogui”
  • Full meals
  • Fruits and Snacks during the journey
  • Accommodation in a bed or hammock “subject to camp availability”
  • Translator “If there are more than 3 foreigners in the group who do not speak Spanish”
  • Entrance to the Teyuna Archaeological Park
  • Medical Assistance Insurance
  • Support for indigenous and peasant communities
  • Interaction with Indigenous Culture
  • Excursion to the Lost City
  • Cook for the entire trek.
  • To reserve the trekking Ciudad Perdida from Santa Marta, a deposit of $63 US, equivalent to 10% of the total tour value ($630 US), is required.
  • The Camps, lodging, and meal sites are primarily owned by local indigenous and farming communities. Note their remote and challenging access, lacking everyday amenities we are accustomed to.
  • Accommodation distribution in cabins along the Ciudad Perdida trail is typically 70% hammocks and 30% beds. Therefore, lodging availability closely relates to the season and visitor demand at each campsite.
  • Remember that the journey to Colombia’s Lost City navigates through typical jungle trails of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

If you wish to obtain more information about the hike to the Lost City, visit the following link 👉🏾 How to get to the Lost City?

Itinerary For The 6 Day Lost City Trekking Colombia

Day 1:

The tour departs from the city of Santa Marta around 7:00 am. The vehicle picks up tourists staying near the logistics office where the excursion starts, while others must reach the meeting point to join the group.

The indigenous guide gathers the travelers, extending a warm welcome and providing an introduction to the 6-day journey to Ciudad Perdida. They then travel by vehicle towards the Guachaca district, the starting point for the trekking adventure.

Upon arrival at Guachaca, travelers embark on a approximately 4-hour trek through the peasant territories of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. While the journey is demanding, the unique landscapes and natural sounds encountered along the way serve as a rewarding experience.

After completing the trek to the Gotsezhy Refuge, travelers are welcomed by the Mamo, who hosts them in the village for lunch and a well-deserved rest after the demanding hike of the day.

In the afternoon, the Mamo engages in a group discussion with the travelers, explaining aspects of the culture and beliefs of the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, along with answering questions from tourists. At night, the group dines and then proceeds to the sleeping quarters for accommodation in beds or hammocks, subject to availability.

Day 2:

The day commences with a 15-minute ecological walk to the fantastic Matuna waterfall, where travelers spend leisure time, enjoying a refreshing swim in the small lagoon formed by the waterfall.

After the activity at Matuna waterfall, they return to the campsite for lunch and continue with Indigenous Tourism activities.

The craft exhibition is a collaborative activity between Wiwa men and women. The process starts with the indigenous man cutting the maguey and extracting its fibers for drying. Once dried, the Wiwa women start dyeing and preparing these fibers to weave backpacks, clothing, bracelets, and various artisanal products.

Travelers interested in supporting the women’s activity can purchase these products, which are the means of livelihood for many indigenous families.

In the afternoon, they rest, and at night, the indigenous guide provides the group with recommendations and the itinerary for the following day, marking the beginning of the true adventure to Ciudad Perdida Tayrona.

Day 3:

Tourists prepare their belongings, bid farewell to the indigenous people of the Gotsezhy village, and are ready for the journey by vehicle to the El Mamey path, the starting point for the Ciudad Perdida Trek, where they will have lunch.

The day’s hike covers approximately 5 hours through ecological paths in the lower and middle parts of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Upon reaching this campsite, travelers have rest, food, and accommodation either in bunk beds or hammocks, depending on accommodation availability.

Day 4:

This adventurous day is one of the most demanding in the trek to Ciudad Perdida, involving approximately 9 hours of walking segmented across 3 camps. The trek starts very early at 6 am until they reach the second camp “Wiwa cabin,” where the group takes a break and has meals. Subsequently, they continue the trek to the third camp “Paso Lorenzo cabin,” where travelers spend the night and are very close to Ciudad Perdida.

At night, the indigenous guide delivers a talk to the group of adventurers about what Ciudad Perdida represents for the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, this beautiful World Heritage Site.

Day 5:

The group departs very early for Ciudad Perdida, with the hike lasting approximately 2 hours to reach the summit. They ascend 1200 stone steps and participate in a spiritual activity with the indigenous guide before commencing the tour at Ciudad Perdida.

The tour through the archaeological ruins of Teyuna takes around 4 hours. During this time, the guide explains the key points of Ciudad Perdida, its culture, history, and everything related to the ancient Tayrona people. Travelers can take photographs of the place and their experience at Teyuna.

Upon returning to the campsite, they can have lunch and proceed with the descent to the Wiwa camp, a cabin where they have rest, food, and accommodation in hammocks or beds, subject to availability.

At night, the indigenous guide delivers a talk to the group of adventurers about what Ciudad Perdida represents for the indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, this beautiful World Heritage Site.

Day 6:

The last day of the adventure begins early. The group has breakfast and continues the trek back to El Mamey, where a vehicle awaits to transport them to the city of Santa Marta after lunch. This marks the last return day of the excursion, concluding the adventure.

Note: The itinerary for the Ciudad Perdida Tour may vary depending on weather conditions or ground transportation.

Recommendations For The 6 Day Colombia Lost City Trekking

If you’re planning to take the tour to the Lost City or Ciudad Perdida , it’s essential to consider some recommendations:


Foreign tourists must present a copy of their passport, especially the entry stamp into the country, as per Colombia Migration requirements. For domestic tourists, a copy of the ID card is sufficient.

Proper attire

The trek spans 4 days and involves long walks. Wearing comfortable clothing and shoes will make a difference in your experience.

Stick with the guide

Always stay close to your guide. In mountainous terrain, it’s easy to get lost if you stray from the group. Follow the guide’s pace and consider planned breaks to rest and hydrate, even if you’re not in optimal physical condition.

Luggage weight

Avoid carrying unnecessary items and products. Since the journey is extensive, it’s recommended to take only the essentials for your stay in nature. Sunscreen and mosquito repellent are essential during the excursion.

Stay hydrated

Ensure you hydrate regularly during the journey. Taking breaks to drink water is crucial to maintain necessary conditions during the trek.

Preservation of the environment

It’s crucial not to litter in this sacred place for indigenous communities, which is also a natural reserve. You must respect and take care of the environment. Carry your trash to a point where you can dispose of it properly.

We Answer Your Doubts Trekking Santa Marta Colombia

The trekking to lost city (Ciudad Perdida) involves hiking along ecological trails until reaching the Lost City. The hiking route covers approximately 40 kilometers through the jungle, including several steep ascents and river crossings, taking multiple days with hikes of up to 6 hours daily. Although the hike is challenging, it is also incredibly rewarding as hikers are rewarded with impressive views of the jungle and the Lost City itself, along with its culture and archaeological discoveries.

The hike to the lost city lasts between 4 and 6 days, depending on the number of days included in the tour. Accommodation is in indigenous camps, and the daily hikes are approximately 5 to 6 hours.

The price of a tour to the lost city (Ciudad Perdida) varies based on the chosen excursion and the travel agency used. Some excursions are all-inclusive, while others are basic plans that do not include transportation, meals, or lodging. Choose an all-inclusive tour if you want to explore Ciudad Perdida without worrying about booking activities separately. Our 6-day tour to Ciudad Perdida comes highly recommended for travelers who want to make the most out of their stay in the region. Book your tour now!

When packing for Ciudad Perdida, make sure to bring comfortable clothing for daytime hikes and warm clothes for the night. Additionally, do not forget to bring moisturizer and insect repellent. Don’t forget your camera to capture all the incredible views you’ll encounter.

Our 6-day tour to Ciudad Perdida is the best excursion for those who want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Lost City and, at the same time, spend more time with indigenous communities. This tour provides an intimate look at the daily life and culture of the people living there, allowing you to learn more about their history and way of life.

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